Review of “Willow the Wild Pony”, written by Jenny Dale

Reviewed by: Jisoo
Review: Willow and his owner Samantha were taking a walk.Willow saw the wild the ponies. Samantha had never seen wild ponies before. Tomorrow was Samantha’s first day of school. The next day it was time for Samantha to go to school and Willow did not like that. After she went Willow stared rubbing on the bark around him to keep him safe. After a few minutes it BROKE! He ran away from his farm and he went where the wild pony were. He even made a friend, his name was Storm. But Samantha was sad because she could not find Willow. A few days later Storm said go back to your farm you do not belong here. So Willow went back to his farm and Samantha was very happy. My favourite character was Willow. It was happy then sad then happy. It takes place in the wild and the farm.

Overall Rating: 5 (Awesome)

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