Review of “Trapped in Ice”, written by Eric Walters

Reviewed by: Sarah
Review: One trapped ship. Two children. The unforgiving Arctic. Helen Kiruk, her little brother Michael, and her mother, the seamstress, are part of the Canadian Arctic Expedition that starts in 1913. They set sail on the Karluk, a ship that is hardly fit for the frigid temperatures and freezing waters. Caught in an early freeze up, the ship is trapped in ice. For Helen, her family, and the crew of the ship, the voyage has come to an end. There is no way out of the ice, and the Karluk is bound to sink. As the ship becomes weaker and weaker, it is obvious that everyone will have to abandon the Karluk. Out on the ice, with spring coming quickly and the melting of the very ice that is keeping everyone afloat, a harrowing journey to land is the only thing left that may keep Helen and her friends from perishing on the ice.
Overall Rating: 5 (Awesome)

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