Review of “The Search For Baby Ruby”, written by Susan Richards Shreve

Reviewed by: Julia
Review: Jess O’Fines is stuck babysitting her little baby cousin instead of going to her older sister,Whee’s wedding rehearsal which takes place in California,because Whee only likes the best. When Jess watches her two older sisters,Whee and Teddy head to the elevator she THINKS she closes the hotel room door behind her. Jess steps into the washroom but when she comes out again Ruby is gone! Jess texts Teddy and tells her what happened. Jess leaves the hotel,thinking she can find Ruby herself. Teddy calls the police. Just when she thinks things couldn’t possibly get any worse Jess is kidnapped and dumped at the edge of the highway. Will Jess ever be rescued? And worse-Will she get Baby Ruby back? This book didn’t make me laugh or cry.
Overall Rating: 5 (Awesome)

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