Review of “The 39 Clues Bone Yard”, written by Rick Riordan

Reviewed by: Evan
Review: This book starts the series greatly, these stories will teach you culture, history, and puzzles as well as having traits a story needs like. The hunt for clues starts here when two teenagers[Amy and Dan Cahill] discover that there ancestors were people very famous and all of that leads to the clue hunt, something that made all Cahill branches fight, Cahill against Cahill trying to get the master serum, the serum that makes the drinker the most powerful person in the world, the clue hunt get introduced by Grace Cahill, the grandmother of the Amy and Dan. Together they fight against there family and make some friends on the way. One of there good friends Nellie Gomez 16 of age has been there AU pair the person who helped them get from the USA to Europe. Grace Cahill left Amy Cahill in chaarge. At the start of the book Fiske Cahill, also known as the man in black, sets Graces mansion on fire to start the clue hunt. People all over the family tree are trying to get do and maybe even kill to try to get there branch[either Thomas, Lucian, Janus, and Ekat] all the power in the world.
Overall Rating: 5 (Awesome)

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