Review of “Stick!”, written by Andy Pritchett

Reviewed by: Carla
Review: Stick! Is a story about a dog that has a stick and would like to find someone to play with him. The dog asks a cow,a chicken,and a pig. None will play with him. The cow prefers eating grass. The chicken prefers eating worms. The pig prefers playing in the mud. Dog sadly lies at the bottom of a hill. Suddenly a stick falls in front of dog. It was another dog! The two dogs play together with the stick. The cow,chicken,and pig come and play with the two dogs. While everyone else is playing both dogs agree on being friends and run off to have more fun! I think that this book was exciting because in the and all the animals play together and have fun! I liked best that at the very end the two dogs run off as good friends. Overall Stick! is a nice story that teaches you to keep on trying.
Overall Rating: 4/5

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