Review of “Slated”, written by Teri Terry

Reviewed by: Sarah
Review: Kyla is released from hospital after she was recently slated (a process of which is supposed to be a second chance for someone who was a terrorist or posed a threat to the government) Kyla moves into her new house along with her new family. Kyla goes to school like a normal slated girl and makes friends like a normal slated girl but when her one dream continues reoccurring and Kyla starts to remember her past she realizes that her past isn’t so pretty and when her friend Torri disappears and then her boyfriend Ben disappears Kyla knows something’s up. if only she knew who she could trust with her not-so-legal journey into uncovering the frightening secrets of the lorders and their true purpose. If Kyla trusts the wrong person she could end up dead or worse, a servant to one of the trickiest characters.
Overall Rating: 4

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