Review of “Night Animals”, written by Gianna Marino

Reviewed by: Carla
Review: Night Animals is a story about possum that’s hiding in a tree from night animals. His skunk friend joins him in hiding. There isn’t much room in the tree so they look for somewhere else. While they are looking they run into a wolf that’s running from bear. The bear is running away because of another animal and each animal is running from a different animal they find scary.Then a wise bat asks them why there all running. From night night animals they respond. The bat makes the point that they are all night animals. The animals all relax. They make one last encounter with a very different animal. Who could it be? Find out in Night Animals! This book was exciting because you never knew which animal would pop out next. I liked best that the pictures were really dark so the pictures really looked like they were happening at night. Overall Night Animals is a picture book with a nice story and beautiful illustrations.
Overall Rating: 4/5

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