Review of “Maggie’s Door”, written by Patricia Reilly Giff

Reviewed by: Sarah
Review: Hunger, hunger, hunger. That is all Nory and the people of Ireland have felt after the devastating loss of their precious potato crop. Nory’s friends and family have gone ahead of her, to the port, where they will meet up and board the ship that will take them to America. Nory must trek part of the journey alone, on a road that is full of desperate, starving people, who would steal her meager portions of food in seconds. However, she must press on, she WILL get to see Maggie, her sister, in America. The road to the port is treacherous, but it is also filled with many surprises. Will Nory ever see her friend Sean again? How about her sweet younger brother Patch? Her father? Will she ever stand at Maggie’s door?
Overall Rating: 4

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