Review of “Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone”, written by J.K. Rowling

Reviewed by: Flora
Review: The main character is Harry Potter. He lives with his cousin Dudley, his aunt Petunia and his uncle Vernon. (His parents are dead because of who-shall-not-be-named.) Also Harry is famous. One of the other main characters is Hermione Granger. She is the best at all of the subjects at Hogwarts (her parents are Muggles, as in not-wizards). And last but not least there is Ron Weasley. He has five older brothers, two of them have left Hogwarts already and he has a younger sister who will go to Hogwarts next year.
The main ideas in the book are about growing up, making friends and enemies, fixing problems, winning/losing, having fun.
In my opinion, this book was AMAZING. It was soooo hard to put down. There were some small adventure scenes or parts that you wouldn’t know what would happen next that would grab you and pull you in and you couldn’t get out. It was like water going over you and you can’t get out. This book made me think about what it would be like if I was at Hogwarts.
Overall Rating: 5 (Awesome)

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