Review of “Happiness is…”, written by Marcus Pfister

Reviewed by: Carla
Review: Happiness is… is a story about two mice. One mouse is called Zoe and the other is called Leo. The two best mouse-friends are flying a kite in a meadow. Zoe is lost in thought and asks Leo if he knows what happiness is. Leo asks her if happiness is really that important. Zoe thinks happiness is the most important thing of all. Together the two best mouse-friends begin thinking of many different examples of happiness. Suddenly Leo exclaims “happiness is flying a kite with your best mouse-friend.” “That is exactly what happiness is” agrees Zoe. The two friends run off into the meadow. Happiness is… was funny when Leo doesn’t really think that happiness is all that important. I liked best when the two mice begin naming beautiful examples of things that make people happy. Overall Happiness is… is a beautiful book with beautiful illustrations and a beautiful meaning.
Overall Rating: 4/5

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