Review of Hailey the Hedgehog (Animal Fairies series), written by Lily Small

Reviewed by: Arya
Review: There once was a little hedgehog named Hailey, her job was to pick up leaves and clear the path for the parade. She spotted a hamster named Hugo and then she helped Hugo. Hugo made Hailey a necklace made with holly and berries. She then flew off and saw a little mole who was by a pond with Mindstones. She helped the mole and the mole gave Hailey a Mindstone and put it on Hailey’s necklace. She flew away and then she saw a dog scratching a tree and he hurt his paw from designing on trees, so Hailey did it for him. At last it was time for the parade to start and Hailey was the leader.
Overall Rating: 3

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