Review of “Gossip Girl”, written by Cecily von Ziegesar

Reviewed by: Emma
Review: Serena van der Woodsen just arrived back from boarding school and there are nasty rumours going around about her. Her old best friend Blair won’t even talk to her and everyone hates her now. Except Dan Humpherey. Dan has always admired Serena, and Dan’s friend Vanessa was going to make a movie. Ironically Dan was the lead male and Serena wanted to be the lead but Vanessa chose this other girl instead, even though Serena was better. The truth was, Vanessa didn’t just want to see Dan drool over Serena. Blair was holding this ball, and Serena was invited but didn’t want to go. So, she hung out with Vanessa and Dan. When Dan has to go save his little sister from the ball, Serena goes with him. Will they get together? Read the book to find out! The TV show Gossip girl is based on the books, and I have watched a couple episodes and it is nothing like the book. Basically, the only thing that is the same is the characters. But this was a great book!
Overall Rating: 4

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