Review of “Glamourpuss”, written by Sarah Weeks

Reviewed by: Carla
Review: Glamourpuss is a story about a beautiful white cat. Glamourpuss thinks she’s the most glamorous of all.Glamourpuss’s owners (Mr. and Mrs. Highhorsen)shower her with gifts and attention. Unluckily for Glamourpuss a dog named Bluebell comes to steal her spotlight! Bluebell belongs to Mrs. Highhorsen’s sister Eugenia. Every afternoon Bluebell wears a different ridiculous outfit and does tricks. They all adore Bluebell except Glamourpuss. Though Glamourpuss find Bluebell ripping her outfits! Bluebell confesses she wants to be glamorous too not ridiculous! Glamourpuss teaches Bluebell everything she knows about being fabulous. Bluebell learn very quickly and soon Bluebell is glamorous like Glamourpuss! Glamourpuss’s owners were very proud of her taking Bluebell under her wing. Eugenie came to learn that Bluebell didn’t like being ridiculous and was glamorous at heart. Glamourpuss also learned that when being glamorous less is sometimes more, but when it comes to friends you can never have to many! Glamourpuss was funny because one time Glamourpuss tries on one of Bluebell’s ridiculous outfits. I liked best when Glamourpuss teaches Bluebell to be glamorous too. Overall Glamourpuss is a fun story with beautiful illustrations.
Overall Rating: 4/5

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