Review of “Flunked”, written by Jen Calonita

Reviewed by: Carla
Review: Flunked is a story a about a twelve year old girl named Gillian Cobbler. Gillian lives in the town Enchantasia. Gillian has a big family ( mom, dad, three brothers and two sisters ). Gillian’s family is very poor. Her fathers shoe business isn’t going well. Gillian wants to help her family, but her only way of helping is by stealing from the spoiled royals. Life for the Cobblers go on until Gillian is caught stealing. Gillian was only trying to take a hair clip to give her sister Anna for her birthday. The police don’t listen or care and take Gillian to Fairy Tale Reform School for three months. At Fairy Tale Reform School their mission is to turn wicked delinquents and former villains into future heroes. All teachers are former villains like….. Cinderellas stepmother,the sea witch,the evil queen,the big bad wolf,and more! With the help of new friends Jax and Kayla Gillian uncovers more and more secrets. Gillian must find out just how reformed these villains really are………. The story happens at Fairy Tale Reform School. My favorite character was Gillian. The book made me laugh at how crazy Gillian was. Overall Flunked is a awesome book filled with adventure,fun,secrets,and twists on fairy tales.
Overall Rating: 5 (Awesome)

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