Review of “Fairest of All”, written by Sarah Mylnowski

Reviewed by: Jiwon
Review: The book, “Whatever After: Fairest of All” is about a sister named Abby and a brother named Jonah that got sucked into a magic mirror in their basement of their new house. The magic mirror took them into a fairy tale. And that fairy tale was Snow White. The two kids accidentally stopped Snow White from eating the poisoned apple. That means Snow White doesn’t get to meet her prince for her happy ending. So Abby, Jonah and Snow White takes off to find her happy ending. It was really funny to see how very organized Abby got along with her brother, adventurous Jonah. My favourite character was not one character. They were 7 of them! And of course, the seven in Snow White is of course, the Dwarfs. They all had totally different personalities and I loved them all.
Overall Rating: 4

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