Review of “Elizabeth Gail and the trouble at Sandhill Ranch”, written by Hilda Stahl

Reviewed by: Arabella
Review: The story Elizabeth Gail and the trouble at Sandhill Ranch is about Elizabeth Gail going to Sandhill Ranch and meeting new friends. But trouble finds it’s way into Elizabeth’s dream vacation.Why was her new friend Holly always so afraid? Well the answer was Nolen Brown. Nolen and Aaron [Holly’s brother] were stealing anything from money to knives. But brave Holly returned the things with out them knowing. She was also afraid because she thought Nolen or Aaron would get her in trouble. So she decided to talk to Elizabeth about it. As Holly was having problems, Old Zeb the keeper of the Ranch was telling Elizabeth that once her family went home she would stay on the ranch. But all they need to do was have a talk with their parents.
Overall Rating: 4

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