Review of “Bernice Gets Carried Away”, written by Hannah E. Harrison

Reviewed by: Carla
Review: Bernice Gets Carried Away is a story about Bernice a kitty that goes to a birthday party. It is a very dark and cloudy day. Bernice is having a terrible day. She didn’t get a frosting flower on her piece of cake. Everyone got ice-cold strawberry-melon sodas. Bernice got warm prune-grapefruit. The big kids broke the pinata and eaten all the candy. Bernice got a stepped on gumdrop. When Bernice saw balloons before anyone else she grabbed them all. Bernice went up high into the sky. She reaches a big black cloud. Bernice gives the cloud a balloon to make him feel better. The cloud became fluffy and white. Bernice begins giving balloons to the squirrels and birds in the trees. Slowly Bernice touches the ground. Bernice hands out the balloons and everyone begins sharing! The book was exciting when Bernice floated up into the sky. I liked best that in the end everyone has a good happy day! Overall Bernice Gets Carried Away is a beautifully illustrated book with a nice lesson.
Overall Rating: 5 (Awesome)

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