How it Works!

Spend your summer reading books, playing games, and winning awesome prizes. Here’s how you can sign up for SRC 2015:


Step 1: Visit any of our locations between June 29th and August 22nd.

Step 2: Register at the Summer Reading Club desk to receive your notebook and a list of recommended reads. Write your name in your notebook and bring it whenever you visit any location.

Step 3: Visit any SRC desk all summer and share the books you have read to earn ballots for cool prizes. You get one visit per day – that’s over 40 potential visits!

Remember, you can read any book; including paper books, recorded books, magazines, e-books, and even online Tumble books. It also counts if someone reads the book to you.

The Summer Reading Club ends on August 22nd at 5:30pm, so get your visits in before then.


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