readingSquirrelRead and play to win, all summer long! Check out the contests we are hosting below, or click here for a detailed list of prizes you can win.

Picture Book Challenge

You can win prizes for reading picture books and writing – or drawing – a review. Fill out this form to have your name put in our weekly draw. You can also upload a picture file of your drawing. Contest starts July 6th.

Chapter Book Challenge

Win prizes for reading chapter books. Write a review of a book you read and fill out this form to be entered into a weekly draw. Please remember, you can review each book only once. Contest starts July 6th.

Every Visit

Every visit gets you ballots to enter in our weekly and grand prize draws. Visit 7 times or more, and you will receive a Golden Ballot – a chance to win a bicycle – with every following visit. Visit our prize page for a complete list of what you receive with every visit, and more information on Golden Ballots.

Weekly and Grand Prize Draws

When you visit, you will receive ballots that you may choose to enter in either our weekly or grand prize draws. Visit our prize page for a complete list of weekly and grand prizes.


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