Thank You!

Sadly, summer has come to an end, and with it and end to Summer Reading Club 2015. But…what a summer it was. We had 2215 kids sign up, and over 8000 visits from the start of July to the end of August. WOW! Congratulations to all our readers, and congratulations also to our winners! We wish everyone a wonderful school year, and hope to see you again next summer.

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Book Review of Pancakes for Supper

Reviewed by: Annika
Review: I liked best when Toby flew into the sky. The animals came to eat her, and in order to save her life she gave them her clothes.
I thought this book was funny, because at the end of the book they ate pancakes for supper, and I like pancakes.
Overall Rating: 4/5

Review of Dora and the Unicorn King

Reviewed by: Delaney
Review: It was about Dora and the Unicorn King and it got to be a King and there was a dragon and elves. The unicorn helped the elf get peaches because the other elves wouldn’t help him. He helped the little squirrel to safety when Dora was going over the bridge and he got the crown and he became King!
Overall Rating: 5 (Awesome)

Review of “Ms. Cuddy is Nutty”, written by Dan Gutman

Reviewed by: Michelle
Review: This is a story about a kid who hates school. Someone gives the school one million dollars and the school decides to buy a TV station with the money.
Miss Cutty is the crazy TV station manager and she wants to get more viewers than another school. For example, Miss Cutty made the kids at school sing a song . The kid who hates school becomes an actor for the TV station.
I really enjoyed the book and it made me laugh.
Overall Rating: 5 (Awesome)

Review of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

Reviewed by: Alice


Review: In this book, there is a boy called Charlie. (Charlie is the main character in this story.) Charlie lives with his mom,dad,grandma Josephine,grandpa Joe,grandma Georgina,and grandpa George. They are very poor. All they have to eat is a cup of lettuce soup in the morning, 1 lettuce leaf for lunch,and a half of a lettuce leaf for dinner. Until Mr. Willy Wonka starts a golden ticket contest… on the newspaper, Mr. Wonka wrote: “I have hidden 5 and only 5 golden tickets in my chocolate bars all over the world and the five people that find them will get a full day tour around my chocolate factory and will have a lifetime supply of my sweets”. Then, Charlie found a 1 dollar bill on the road and he bought 2 chocolate bars the second one had the last golden ticket in it!!!!!!!!! Then, at the end of the day, Charlie (Mr. Wonka’s favourite child of the 5) was chosen to be the one who would run the factory when Mr. Wonka was to old to run the factory!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My favourite character was Mr.Willy Wonka and Charlie.This story made me happy and a little bit silly.
Overall Rating: 5 (Awesome)

Kick-off Parties = Fun for Everyone

Come play with us! We kick off Summer Reading this year with celebrations at all Waterloo Public Library branches and the Main YMCA Early Years Centre at 161 Roger Street.

All ages welcome! Every party will have fun games and creative activities to play and enjoy. Go to one party, or come to them all. Plus, you can sign up for the Summer Reading Club, and take home your first books to get started on earning rewards and a chance to win prizes.

Parties are being held on the following dates and times:
(Click here for location maps!)

Monday, June 29, 10:30am-12:30pm: WPL John M. Harper Branch

Tuesday June 30, 1:30pm-3:30pm: WPL McCormick Branch

Thursday July 2, 10:30am-12:30pm: YMCA Main Early Years Centre

Friday, July 3, 10:30am-12:30pm: WPL Main Library