Review of The Stinky Cheese Vacation

Reviewed by: Selah
Review: The book is about a mouse named Geronimo Stilton. One day at his job, The Rodent’s Gazette, he get’s a letter from his Uncle Stingysnout that he was going to die soon. As soon as Geronimo Stilton read the letter he packed up his bag and drove to his Uncle’s castle to go visit him. When he got there his Uncle’s house his Uncle wanted him to do all sorts of chores to prepare him for his “funeral”, but really his Uncle was setting him up. He did this by making Geronimo Stilton clean up and prepare his castle so he could open up a hotel business. When Geronimo Stilton find’s out that his Uncle was setting him up he get’s mad but forgives his Uncle. Geronimo Stilton learns that when you are kind and generous to others, you will get it back in return. The story takes place in a dreary November evening. My favorite character is Geronimo Stilton. The story made me laugh inside.
Overall Rating: 3 (Okay)

Review of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

Reviewed by: Alice


Review: In this book, there is a boy called Charlie. (Charlie is the main character in this story.) Charlie lives with his mom,dad,grandma Josephine,grandpa Joe,grandma Georgina,and grandpa George. They are very poor. All they have to eat is a cup of lettuce soup in the morning, 1 lettuce leaf for lunch,and a half of a lettuce leaf for dinner. Until Mr. Willy Wonka starts a golden ticket contest… on the newspaper, Mr. Wonka wrote: “I have hidden 5 and only 5 golden tickets in my chocolate bars all over the world and the five people that find them will get a full day tour around my chocolate factory and will have a lifetime supply of my sweets”. Then, Charlie found a 1 dollar bill on the road and he bought 2 chocolate bars the second one had the last golden ticket in it!!!!!!!!! Then, at the end of the day, Charlie (Mr. Wonka’s favourite child of the 5) was chosen to be the one who would run the factory when Mr. Wonka was to old to run the factory!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My favourite character was Mr.Willy Wonka and Charlie.This story made me happy and a little bit silly.
Overall Rating: 5 (Awesome)